LISBON, Ohio (AP) — A county GOP chairman in Ohio says he was mistaken in publishing a meme on Facebook that appeared to refer to the California wildfires as “God’s Punishment to Liberal California.”

Columbiana County Republican Party Chairman Dave Johnson says he deleted the meme. It showed a landscape ablaze along with the text about “Liberal California.”

Johnson said in a statement he didn’t intend “any disrespect to the innocent lives” lost, but was pointing to policies he believes contributed to the fires. He said he confesses to “erring in my recent post” regarding the wildfires.

Authorities say the blazes have killed at least 79 people and destroyed thousands of homes.

Mahoning County Democratic Party Chairman David Betras called the post “disgusting” and said Johnson owed victims, their families and firefighters an apology.

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  1. Frank Sterle says:

    General Judeo-Christian belief and practice follows that God is angry and retributive towards a rebellious humankind.
    I’ve found that most Christian denominations practice a view of Christ that notably differs from much of his own teachings, including that of unconditional pacifism and pure compassion. The latter are the ones that if practiced en masse by his followers over the many centuries since his crucifixion, I believe, would’ve notably improved human existence.
    Over the last three decades I’ve listened to many (what I term as) institutional Christians interpret various Biblical passages (in both literal and figurative contexts) in an attempt to reconcile the conspicuously contradictory pacifist practices of Jesus in comparison to those of the wrathful, vengeful, and even jealous nature of God the father. The latter, for example, is widely believed to require the shedding of Jesus’ sin-free blood—in place of that of anything-but-innocent Man—as atonement for His consistent disdain for any sin whatsoever.
    But is God really both the angrily retributive as well as compassionately loving creator as Judeo-Christianity generally perceives Him to be, as the ideal human father might be seen to behave towards his wayward, disobedient child? What if angrily predisposed theistic Man insistently made our God out to be in our own image?
    I sometimes contemplate whether our own individual instinctive need for retribution or ‘justice’—regardless of Christ and great spiritual leaders having emphasized unconditional forgiveness—may be intrinsically linked to the same unfortunate morally-flawed aspect of humankind that enables the most horrible acts of violent cruelty to readily occur on this planet.
    As for the potential consequences of self-professed Christians publicly behaving little like the Biblical Christ, I wonder how many potential genuinely Jesus Christians have felt repelled from the faith altogether due to the vocal angry-condemnation brand?
    Perhaps the most worrisome universal human trait is anger—thus the reduced ability for rational thinking—which becomes noticeably even more prevalent in us men in later years due to cerebral changes.
    I especially witnessed this in a local man who during elections is vocally adamantly opposed to any liberal entity forming government; so much so that on a couple occasions he became so blindly narrow-mindedly angry that he, with his fist tightened before him, uttered to me, “I’d vote for the devil himself if that’s what it took to keep those Godless socialists out of office!”

  2. Condemned to live in Ohio is God’s punishment for stupidity.

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