SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — An iconic Sacramento building will soon be getting a retro look. The efforts to restore the grandeur of a Midtown Sacramento Chruch is happening just in time for the holidays.

Saint John’s Lutheran Chuch has stood on the corner of 17th and L Street for more than a century.

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“This building has been in Sacramento for a long time, it’s part of the fabric of Midtown,” said the church’s senior pastor Frank Espegren.

The inside of the church got a multi-million dollar renovation a decade ago, but its old roof needs to be replaced to stop the growing number of leaks that happen when it rains.

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“It would be coming down a wall or in the front or in the front or in the back or behind the scenes and so it was a problem,” Espegren said.

The drips were close to damaging the church’s historic pipe organ and other areas of the sanctuary. Espegren said any moisture in the organ would have been a disaster.

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Now, a new roof is being carefully installed. The church is working closely with the city of Sacramento for the restoration because it is a designated historical building.

Historical photographs and a scrap of the old roof showed the original material used was copper arranged in a diamond pattern, inspiring the restoration.

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The new copper is going to cost more than just a few pretty pennies. Espegren says a metal roof is expensive.

In total, the project will cost more than $750,000, but the church says it’s worth it to keep this Midtown centerpiece around for another century.

“This is a building that draws attention and to have a copper roof on the top of it will just be the perfect cap to this building,” he said.

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He also said that although the copper is nice and shiny now, it won’t last long. The metal will start to develop the typical green gloss in about six months.