STOCKTON (CBS13) — Governor-elect Gavin Newsom has assembled ambassadors across the state to help in the process of his transition to becoming the new leader of California.

His team includes both democrats and republicans, the mayors of Los Angeles and San Francisco, and House minority leader Nancy Pelosi.

When it comes to Stockton, community members including Ashley Hampton work hard to make the city a better place to live.  She focuses on problems that need to be fixed.

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“The crime rate in Stockton is definitely an issue, [and] education, of course, is an issue,” she said.

She hopes those concerns will be brought to the office of governor-elect Gavin Newsom.  He recently selected 25 people that include Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs to serve on a statewide advisory board known as “All in California,” helping in his transition to governor.

“That puts us on the map. That gives a direct phone call, a direct line of service. This is what we need and we need it now, we don’t have time to waste … and I think it’s also a testament to who he is as a mayor to even make that connection,” said Hampton.

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Newsom’s advisors want the group to help generate more ideas and give the incoming governor a different perspective on some of the key issues impacting communities in the state ranging from public safety and low-income housing to education.

“I think being at the table being part of the 25 people will help shape the governor-elect’s plan as he transitions into office and make sure CSU or higher education in Stockton is on the menu,” said Tubbs.

He said the appointment puts the mayor in a position to promote the city and its needs. Community leaders hope it will bring Stockton more resources.

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“As Stockton, particularly downtown and south Stockton redevelop and we kind of reimagine what those places may look like, it will be really great for us to kind of have that relationship with the state, with state officials,” said Jasmine Leek, executive director, Third City Coalition.

The state’s fire response was part of the discussion in the group’s first meeting.  Mayor Tubbs said he plans to also bring up child poverty and housing.


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