By Rachel Wulff

ROCKLIN (CBS13) – Businesses are opening their doors to Camp Fire evacuees, but one wasn’t just whipping up some Thanksgiving meals – it also offered an entire day of fun.

Vivian Davis and her mother don’t have a home to return to this Thanksgiving. It burned down in the Camp Fire.

“It’s gone. We have seen pics and everything and it’s really gone,” said Davis.

She and her mother felt lucky to be staying with a college friend in Chico. Even so, they wanted to get away from the disaster area.

“You get angry, you get sad, you just want to go home,” Davis said.

So they accepted an invitation they had seen on Facebook to Thanksgiving dinner at Strikes Unlimited in Rocklin.

“We were just taken aback by it,” Davis said.

The business is usually closed on Thanksgiving, but this year staff wanted to give back to Camp Fire evacuees.

“Their grocery store is gone, their local market is gone, everything,” said volunteer Kathi Miller. “It breaks my heart. It makes me cry to think about it.

All the trimmings for a Thanksgiving dinner were donated, including 151 turkeys.

For Davis, it was a break from the breakdown of life as she knew it.

“It feels really good. It’s kind of like a normal. It’s kind of not as normal, but it’s getting back to it,” Davis said.


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