By Marc Thompson

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – As the rain moved in Thursday night, it made conditions a bit challenging for people out on the roads after Thanksgiving dinner.

The rain was pretty light for most of Thanksgiving, but it was enough to get the attention of people who had to drive in it.

Spotty on and off throughout evening, raindrops rolled in steady just after 7 p.m. – just in time to make the roadways a bit slick for those making the rounds after Thanksgiving dinner.

“I live in Granite Bay, so I have to drive all the way over here for my grandparents,” said Sara Guter, who was driving in the rain. “And then I have to go to Roseville for my other grandparents and it’s kind of been like a hectic drive.”

According to AAA, 48.5 million Americans are taking road trips this Thanksgiving weekend – so drivers have lots of company on the highways. Mix in the first rains of the season on often oily roads and it’s a recipe for accidents.

“Going back and forth from Sacramento, I’ve seen accidents on the freeway, but I’ve been lucky so far,” said driver Jacob Leedy.

But overall reaction to the rain was overwhelmingly positive.

“Yeah definitely need it in California, I’m glad for it,” Leedy said.

People say the incoming showers have allowed them to finally breathe again.

“It seems a lot better because with the smoke, me and my sister have been like coughing a lot,” Guter said. “And so, it’s been a big relief for that.”


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