By Jennifer McGraw

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Hopefully you got a good look at those beautiful falls leaves because the incoming rain is going to knock many of them down. A big reason why we’ve had such a colorful season is due to unseasonably warm weather.

“It’s absolutely stunning. The colors are so vibrant, I mean it’s gorgeous,” said Emily Harlend, mother of two young children walking around McKinley Park.

Picturesque skies filled with burgundy reds, to rosy pinks, and bright yellow leaves, perhaps even unlike years past.

“Oh I just think it’s beautiful all this nature and this time of year is just wonderful,” said Ronin Richards, while also enjoying the park.

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The colors may be wonderful, but still many are in disbelief and can’t remember the last time it was quite this pretty.

“Maybe I’m getting older and more appreciative, but I’m really enjoying the reds and oranges,” said one homeowner.

Walking through the streets of Sacramento we wanted to know, is it really that much more beautiful or is it an illusion?

“I think it’s more of an illusion. You’re seeing it later in the year than you normally have,” said Matt Morgan, an arborist at Davey’s Tree Expert Company in Sacramento.

He and says what we’re seeing, however, is unusual.

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“We’re like a month past where the trees normally would be, most trees should have lost their leaves by now, but because of the warmer weather and less wind, we are starting to see the leaves on the trees still,” he said.

It’s giving us nearly six weeks of fall leaves instead of the usual two to three.

“You’re seeing a lot of the leaves still on the trees and not on the ground like what we’re used to seeing,” he salad.

Just like the weather has played a significant role in leaving the leaves be, it’s also going to be the reason they’re set free.

“Once we get some good wind it will knock a lot of these leaves off the trees,” he said.

So snap your pictures and get a good look because fall will soon be a thing of the past.

Jennifer McGraw


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