By James Taylor

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Thousands of people are homeless in Sacramento and the number is growing. Now one local group says building tiny homes will help.

The cozy living spaces could help solve Sacramento’s growing homeless crisis. The homes include a sitting area, a storage loft, and even room for a pet.

Now some homeless advocates want to build a community of small shelters, but the question is where they can be built.

One location under consideration is city-owned land along Meadowview Road. Previously considered sites have been met with neighborhood resistance, but some politicians are not giving up.

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Chelsea Winter used to be homeless living in a tent outside the Salvation Army. She says these types of homes would provide a much safer place to sleep.

“It’s a blessing and to me, it’s like a condominium. It’s beautiful,” Winter said.

City leaders have declared Sacramento to be in a homeless crisis, saying there’s not enough space in shelters. That creates millions of dollars in state funding that could go toward these types of solutions.

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Advocates say they could build communities accommodating 30, 50, or even 100 people. Supporters say projects like these are desperately needed to help people currently on the streets.

The total cost for the project could be around $3 million. A city spokesperson said they are currently examining the feasibility of tiny homes and will release a detailed plan in January.

  1. Alan Hart says:

    I wouldn’t count on this tiny home project to put a dent in the homeless population. Several years ago when I lived in Reno a local church built a homeless shelter and word got in the homeless community about the project. Homeless made their way into Reno from all over Nevada and parts unknown. The shelter filled up in a matter of days and the homeless that didn’t make it into the shelter filled the streets in larger numbers that before the shelter was built. Results: Problem not solved

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