By Rachel Wulff

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — More problems are affecting drivers along an I-5 corridor that’s seen many traffic snarls in the past year. This one after Wednesday night’s serious storm.

Heavy rains poured into the area causing a collapse of the drainage system under the road. Northbound I-5 south of Richards Blvd was slow and go Thursday. Overnight heavy rains backed up debris in a subsurface drain causing a mudslide on the shoulder of I-5.

Drivers could see all the soil on the device road below. Caltrans says crew had just checked this spot.

Caltrans spokesperson Dennis Keaton said, “They found some debris that needed to be cleared, they tested it and the drain worked.”

Crews worked to make repairs throughout the day and will do to use to do so into the night.

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“If they need more room or need more equipment they’ll have to take another lane, leaving three lanes on I-5,” said Keaton.

But it’s not what’s happening beneath the surface that’s driving people mad.

“I don’t understand why they haven’t done anything about it,” said one driver.

Crumbling sections of I-5 are causing pothole problems-and dangerous road conditions.  Just this last August more than 20 vehicles were damaged by a two-foot wide pothole.

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That accelerated $6.5 million in emergency road repairs and CalTrans expects more will be spent.

“Because there are additional slabs in south locations that will need to be replaced as well as sections of US 50 in East Sacramento,” said Keaton.

The emergency road repairs are completely different from what will happen next summer -a total resurfacing of 17 miles of I-5.

$34 million of that $300 million project will be paid for with SB1 or gas tax dollars.


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