SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A crumbling roadway has caused two lanes of northbound Interstate 5 in Sacramento to be closed Thursday morning.

California Highway Patrol says the #4 and #5 lanes are closed due to the crumbling roadway.

A big hole has appeared due to the road crumbling on northbound I-5. (Credit: CHP Valley Division)

A big hole has appeared due to the road crumbling on northbound I-5. (Credit: CHP Valley Division)

Officials say it’s looking like a “long term” closure. A significant traffic impact is expected on traffic through Downtown Sacramento.

Drivers are being urged to avoid using northbound I-5 through Downtown. Alternate routes include Business 80 and Highway 50.

The Richards Boulevard off-ramp is still open, CHP notes.

The root of the problem was exposed by the cavity: a clogged drainage pipe. Caltrans says the pipe was inspected and tested only a week ago. Inspectors are now trying to determine what caused the pipe to back-up.

It isn’t the first time this stretch of freeway has suffered damage from some sort of structural failure. Back in August, a pothole plagued I-5 and damaged about 20 cars.

Caltrans says the crumbling road has nothing to do with the highway itself.

Comments (2)
  1. Steve H. Karsten says:

    Thank-you GovMoronMoonBeam, for your handling of Calif so badly, instead of keeping up our roads and highways wasting money on a train, such a vast amount, that is barely going to be used. Can fly to S.Cal. in about ONE HOUR!!!. And your forest management was outstanding to result in such loss of life, property in all the fires. Yet the voters keep voting for you MORON DEMs, which I belong to NO party (NPP).

    1. Jack Peiffer says:

      Well stated Steve! And now the foolish and uninformed voters who allowed Brown and his failed legislature to raise gasoline and DMV taxes for ‘infrastructure and road repair’ are seeing firsthand just what these incompetent and corrupt officials have done with your tax money! Nothing but wasted on foolish non-road projects, graft, and incompetence. Think about that as you wait in line for traffic closures, and begin to understand the incompetence of your governor and legislators.

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