SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Parking can be at a premium in parts of Sacramento, especially during the workday, and one viewer wants to know why it’s getting harder to find a free spot.

Viewer Linda Newson filled out a form on and wanted to know:

“Are city officials intentionally making it more difficult for Downtown workers park for free? Why are more 2-hour parking signs and meters going up around Downtown? For example, parking under the overpass on W and along Broadway used to be free. They’ve also put up temporary no parking signs at the 23rd street light rail station, where I ride RT into work. This is because they’re in the process of metering it, no doubt. Individuals who work Downtown, including myself, are being forced to pay to park to go to work! I cannot afford this!”

We took the question to the City of Sacramento and found out:

“Changes to parking restrictions, such as posted time limits, are a result of petitions or formal requests that are submitted to the City. The 2-hour parking restrictions implemented in the Broadway area arose from a request by the Greater Broadway District and the Southside Park Neighborhood Association. These requests were supported by the Sierra Curtis Park Neighborhood Association, the President of the Land Park Community Association and Real Pie Company. The parking on the street in this area is still free. The only change is that it prohibits parking for more than two hours to allow turnover of the parking spaces for business patrons and visitors to the residential areas. For motorists who need long-term parking to work, there are parking lots located at 18th and 19th Streets under the W/X Freeway that only charge $2 to park all day. These lots are also located nearby to the Regional Transit services as a great park-and-ride option for downtown employees.  As progress in the Central City moves forward, the City will continue to work with businesses and the public to address the parking demand.”

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