PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Hitting the weights or pounding the pavement? Everybody has a different preference on how they like to stay in shape.

“Push-ups, sit-ups and running,” one person said.

“I work with a three-year-old,” joked another.

But which workout is better?

New research released earlier this month by the American College of Cardiology found strength training may be more effective than cardiovascular exercise at reducing the risk of heart disease.

Essentially, that Olympian power clean could be better for you than that 5K run.

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But what George Caroulis, a personal trainer and owner of Crossfit 2 St. in Pennsport says what sets resistance training apart is what happens after the workout is done.

“Any type of resistance training is going to allow you to burn more calories post-workout,” Caroulis said. “So you’re actually working when you’re done the exercise routine. Burning calories at night.”

That’s because he says your metabolism is in overdrive, rebuilding muscles that were used during the workout.

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