Marc Thompson reporting

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – After several postponements due to smoke and rain, the Global Winter Wonderland at Cal Expo is in full swing. But are the crowds there?

Lights, lights…and more lights. Despite the delays and chilly temperatures, on Friday night, there was a decent crowd at Cal Expo.

The Global Winter Wonderland has everything a family needs to get into the holiday spirit, and, most importantly, clean air. This year’s spectacular was supposed to open on November 16, but it was postponed a couple weeks because of lingering smoke from the Camp Fire. It finally opened last weekend and the crowds and they’re glad they waited.

“I think it’s a very smart choice for a business to make, because if people were to come and get sick and have headaches due to it, so I think it’s very smart. Marc: Now you’re having fun, right? Oh, heck, yeah,“ said Tori Chapman, a Sacramento resident.

After yet another delay in opening because of rain last week, organizers say they may have lost some sales, but hope they gained community trust by doing the right thing.

“When unfortunate things like that happen, you really can’t control it. You have to count on what’s more important, and obviously that was something that was a lot more important,” said organizer Warren Petties.

This Del Norte High School dance team traveled all the way from Crescent City to be here — well actually to perform at halftime of the Kings Game tomorrow  — but they gave us a sneak peek.

“So we decided to come down a day early so we could take the team out and have some fun do some laser tag, let them do some team bonding and have a good time,” said Melanie Clifton.

Organizers are keeping people from the Camp Fire in mind. They’re holding a concert for first responders on November 9.

The Global Winter Wonderland runs until January 6.


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