By Macy Jenkins

COLFAX (CBS13) — Two teenagers were caught in the act and arrested for throwing large objects such as concrete and metal pieces onto Interstate 80.

CHP investigators say the teens climbed to the top of a train trestle near Carpenter Road that runs across the freeway to throw the objects.

“They had a bag full of rocks and other debris and they were approximately 30 feet from the freeway and they were about to do it again!” said Officer Chris Nave, CHP Gold Run.

Drivers had been complaining about objects coming from this train trestle for months.

“Rocks, concrete, a water heater!” Nave said.

It took several Colfax drivers by surprise.

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“That is scary because you don’t know it’s coming,” said Cindy Hegenauer, who lives in Colfax. “You know, you don’t look up and see if things are going to come down on ya!”

After investigating with the help of CHP Valley Division, Nave says officers arrested 18-year-old Connor Allan Morris and 19-year-old Keith Lawrence Ketteringham for allegedly throwing things off of the trestle and into traffic.

“It’s a very rural wooded area,” Nave said.

Nave said it’s a very rural wooded area, that is not easy to access. A CBS13 photographer had to take the bumpy ride down a dirt road about a half mile off of Carpenter. It was lined with garbage and debris all the way up to the bridge.

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Several vehicles were damaged from the debris and one woman received minor cuts after an object cracked her windshield.

“Well, you could kill somebody!” Nave said. “Not a good idea. Just not a smart thing to do!”

The investigation reminded Nave of a similar incident back in 2010.

“Several years back, we had three individuals that were throwing things off another… a separate bridge in Colfax,” he said.

In that case, one driver sustained extensive facial injuries, and the three Colfax teens were convicted on assault charges.

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Morris and Ketteringham face charges of attempted assault with a deadly weapon, conspiracy, and trespassing.

“I think teenagers do some stupid things sometimes and I just can’t understand it!” Hegenauer said.

The investigation is still ongoing but officers believe they have the only two people responsible.


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