By Angela Greenwood

EL DORADO COUNTY (CBS13) — Major mail mix-ups are causing some Christmas concern in some El Dorado County communities. Many people are reporting delayed packages, even missing mail coming out of the Pollock Pines Post Office and they say the problem has been going on for several years.

The Christmas cheer is on full display, but across parts of El Dorado County, this holiday season also brings frustration.

“The mail’s been hell,” said longtime Pollock Pines homeowner Joan Coffin.

Throughout Pollock Pines and Sierra Springs, customers say their mail has been hit or miss.

“I’d say it’s a disappointment,“ said Sierra Springs homeowner Jan Fair, “I get that they’re working their hearts out, but you’ve got to get your mail.”

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Packages are allegedly being delayed or showing they’ve been delivered when they haven’t been. Many of them, never show up at all.

Coffin said, “I just didn’t get them.  I don’t know what happens.”

“You don’t know what you’re not getting.  It could be tax documents or medicine,” said Fair.

Coffin claims she hasn’t received important tax documents for two years. While others say they’re getting extra mail.

“A lot of packages come to our house and they don’t even have our names on them and it doesn’t even say the right address,” said Joshua Steward.

Residents say the problems are coming out of the Pollock Pines Post Office and say they’ve been told the issues stem from a high turnover rate of staff and understaffing.  Now, with Christmas right around the corner, many worry special gifts might not make it on time.

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“I can imagine if you have kids or something, that would be heartbreaking. Don’t blame Santa,” said Fair.

Santa himself says not to worry.

“Santa’s mail is going to be there in time,” said Santa.

As for the rest of the mail, folks hope a year-round fix will come soon.

Residents say they’ve taken complaints to the post office and to the regional Postmaster but say they feel like their complaints are falling on deaf ears.

CBS13 did reach out to USPS officials but did not hear back in time for this story.

Angela Greenwood


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