WOODLAND (CBS 13) – A unique solution to a widespread problem in the city of Woodland.

A converted jail where homeless can stay. The converted jail shelter opened on Thursday and was near empty the first night, but shelter officials say the tide is turning and people are starting to come in off the streets.

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A few tents remain in front of the shelter at 4th and North Street in Woodland. But the what amounted to a tent city in the adjacent parking lot – is now all clear. The homeless still have options. Either stay inside this converted jail turned shelter or stay outside on the streets.

Salvatore Mayjoffo says, “I don’t like inside, and I ain’t going back in that jail. Been there before.”

That was the opinion of many homeless in the area. The shelter houses 40 beds but only 30 people signed up to stay when they were forced to abandon the tent city. And out of those 30 very few actually showed up.

10:14 Dylan Newman/Case Manager

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CBS 13 spoke to Dylan Newman, the case manager, saying “The first night we had 6 folks come in, last night we had 13. A lot of them are not used to living inside and having a curfew and things like that”

The temporary jail shelter is directly across the street from the main shelter which houses more than 60 and remains at capacity. Both are run by 4th and Hope. Teresa Lamin says she’s glad to be out of the tent city and the new shelter suits her just fine.

Teresa Lamin says, “I’ve been homeless and I’ve been in the parking lot being under the rain so I think this is a good place to step up and come out of the rain and come out of the streets.”

Others say they’ll take their chances outside for now.

“Because it’s quieter and you ain’t got people bothering you. You got all those people inside you got to deal with 40 something people, out here I only got to put up with 2 or 3”

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