By Steve Large

OROVILLE (CBS13) – Evacuated for a month now from the Camp Fire, animals are still receiving care at the Oroville emergency animal shelter in tents outside the old county hospital.

CBS 13 spoke to Norm Rosene with the North Valley Animal Disaster Group and says, “14,000 homes were destroyed, and these are pretty much the animals from those 14,000 homes”

The group has been caring for pets displaced from the Camp Fire. Some animals were discovered as strays, others turned in by their owners who have no place to put them.

“Every animal has a daily care sheet, so we take care of the animal, dogs are fed twice a day, they’re walked twice a day,” says Rosene.

There are 1500 animals from the Camp Fire at the Oroville shelter with volunteers and paid professionals working round the clock as survivors of the deadly Camp Fire begin to find permanent housing.

The hope is all of these animals will be reunited with their owners.