SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — Siphoning diesel fuel is becoming a real problem for some businesses that park its trucks outside.

“It’s real bad especially with fuel right now it’s really expensive,” said one worker.

For each trip, a trucker will spend a few hundred dollars to fill up.

“I’m responsible for everything that goes on in the truck,” said Mia Michaels of Sacramento.

Even if thieves are siphoning their fuel.

“It’s expensive,” she said.

That’s exactly what crooks are doing at Business Park off of Interstate 80.

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“It happens all the time people just come on by and stop by the trucks and just take the fuel and leave,” said another worker Wednesday night.

Cell phone video got a quick glimpse of the two men inside a pickup truck and in the back, a large tank with a pump.

“It’s like 100-gallon tank,” one trucker pointed out. “About three or $400.”

The thieves are making off with at least a few hundred dollars daily.

“Almost every night,” said one worker.

The trucks are parked and gas caps are locked, but it’s not stopping the thieves.

“They just break them and cut them,” one employee pointed out.

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Employees say they do not stop even a warning alarm sounding “you are under surveillance” goes off.

“Just police. Police have to stop them, we can’t do anything,” a worker said.

Drivers say it’s all part of the job, which is why they’re always on high alert.

“People don’t realize that when we park our trucks those cameras are still going,” Michaels said.

Now employees are hoping more videos will help deter these diesel suckers.

  1. Fred Dryer says:

    Vigilantism may be meted out to thieves stealing from truckers as news spreads if police aren’t there to arrest them.

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