SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Why settle for a Yule Log when you can burn a KFC 11 Herbs and Spices Firelog this Christmas? And yes, it does smell like fried chicken.

The Firelog is now for sale on KFC’s website. It’s described as being: “Imbued with the unmistakable, mouth-watering aroma of Colonel Sanders’ secret recipe.” The Firelog is manufactured by Enviro-Log and made of 100% recycled materials.

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Customers can buy the Firelog online, but are limited to one 5 pound Fried Chicken-scented log. The Firelog will burn for approximately 2.5-3 hours and can be stored since there isn’t a shelf life.

The Firelog does come with a few tongue-in-cheek warnings, including:

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  • Store in a safe, dry area away from pets.
  • May result in a craving for fried chicken. We know the fire log smells great, but please do not attempt to eat it.
  • May attract bears or neighbors who are hungry.
  • Please don’t put face directly into fire in attempt to smell fried chicken.

The KFC 11 Herbs and Spices Firelog costs $18.99 and that includes tax, shipping & handling.