MARYSVILLE (CBS13) — Marysville police and school leaders are investigating how pot brownies ended up inside a Marysville middle school.

One mother, whose child was not involved, asked that we conceal her identity.

“[In] high school I might expect something like this but not 12 and 13-year-olds in middle school,” she said.

This seventh-grade mother couldn’t believe it when her daughter told her a 13-year-old classmate at McKenney Intermediate School brought pot brownies to school and handed them out.

“I made her repeat it a couple times,” she said.

Her daughter wasn’t there where it happened Wednesday, but the school was buzzing about it once Marysville police were called. Ramiro Carreon, the Marysville School district representative said, “According to reports we received, she was given ingredients and the recipe to create the brownies”

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The school district says eight students ate the brownies and a few admitted to knowing they had marijuana in them. Those students were suspended. The 13-year-old girl who brought the brownies was also suspended.

Law enforcement is speaking with her parents as part of the investigation.

“From a school standpoint, our investigation will lead us to further discipline which may include something beyond suspension,” Carreon said.

The school district says there were no known reactions to the pot brownies, but there are conflicting reports on social media.

The mom said, “My daughter said one student ate three brownies and fell in class and hit his head.”

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With 500 students at the school, the mother wonders if the total number of students involved will ever be fully realized. She is thankful her daughter shared it with her and says she just wishes the school had as well.

“The fact that such a severe safety issue occurred on school grounds, we as parents should have been contacted in some way so we could take the steps to educate our children.”

CBS13 asked a school representative why parents were not notified. We were told the school site knew which students were impacted and those parents were called.

They said, “we believed at the time an all-call to parents wasn’t necessary. “


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