By Marc Thompson

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – From the foothills back to the valley, and it’s been raining hard and steady since early Sunday afternoon. And while we desperately need it, it’s not so fun to drive in.

The rain rolled in hard and it didn’t let up. Emergency crews responded to some early accidents along Highway 50 as visibility turned poor for drivers. But it sure didn’t stop them from getting to the mall, as the Roseville Galleria was packed.

“Nope. It’s not slowing us down,” a shopper said. “I’m about done (with Christmas shopping)! This is it, right here.”

But the rain wasn’t done. In fact, it intensified after dark along I-80 as people made their way up the hill.

“This stop right here in Auburn, a lot of people get their chains here,” said Michael Cutler, a driver.

Cutler was on his way to Reno. But before hitting potential snow, it was the water he was worried about.

“We’re afraid of hydroplaning. There are still people driving really fast, they’re not even slowing down. They’re driving as if there is no water on the road,” he said.

And we caught up with a driver just leaving the Sierra, who described conditions on the way down.

Robert Jones: “Just raining really hard, hard to see”

Marc: “But not snowing yet?” “No”

But that was right after dinner. As the night wore on, the rain continued to pour. And drivers familiar with this trek, know just how quickly things can change.

“But if you have 4-wheel drive, you should be fine,” said Cutler.

The rain will continue overnight, so make sure you check conditions tomorrow before you head out on your morning commute.


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