By Adrienne Moore

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Police say Ronald Seay, the man accused of shooting and killing a Natomas librarian last week, is responsible for making a series of threats against other librarians thousands of miles away in the St. Louis area.

On Tuesday, a week after librarian Amber Clark was shot in her car, police are saying there were clearly some red flags about her suspected killer, Seay.

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Seay was arrested for threatening librarians in Missouri about two months before Clark was murdered.

“When this incident happened in Ferguson, they did nothing to escalate the situation which could have turned out far worse knowing what we know now,” said Brentwood Police Chief Joe Spiess.

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Spiess recalls his department’s run-ins with Seay.

“He got a little irate over the telephone and that is pretty much when we were contacted,” Spiess said.

Back in August, the Chief says the 56-year-old threatened staff at a library in Ferguson. On Twitter, the library director describes Seay as “ranting” because his wallet had been stolen.

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Seay left that day, but police say he continued calling in threats to the library until Sept. 6 when authorities said he showed up to the library with his dog, cursing and shouting at the librarians.

He was then ticketed for trespassing and arrested after continuing to threaten officers. Seay did not show for his court hearing on Oct. 8, which would have been just days before his initial contact with Amber Clark at the North Natomas Library.

Sacramento police reported a disturbance on Oct. 13 and Seay was banned from the Sacramento library when a no trespassing order was filled.

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Now with Seay being held without bail, Clark’s colleagues hope these revelations will lead to justice for their beloved friend.

“Right now, our minds, thoughts, and hearts are with Amber and her husband,” said Sacramento County Library Director, Rivkah Sass.

The Brentwood Police Chief says his department did a psychiatric evaluation on Seay, but there was not enough found during the evaluation to commit him.

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Seay will be back in a Sacramento County courtroom Dec. 27.

Adrienne Moore