Mugo Odigwe reporting

NORTH SACRAMENTO (CBS13) —A neighborhood in North Sacramento will soon be home to marijuana cultivation and delivery business. The warehouse will be at the corner of Iris Avenue and Plover street in the Ben Ali neighborhood.

City council members unanimously approved the plan Tuesday night but not before addressing some concerns.

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Joss Lucio who lives in the neighborhood says he isn’t too surprised about a marijuana facility coming to the area.

“This kind of industry has a pretty strong foothold at this point,” he said.

The business is called Dragon’s Lair. It will have space for manufacturing as well as packaging and distribution. There will also be various suites at the facility for delivery-only operators, all working on their own projects.

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“If you have multiple users, if you have one violation, does that impact everybody else? Is it isolated to that particular user?” asked District 2 councilman Allen Warren.

Warren, who represents the area, told CBS13 that he was initially concerned about the multiple users concept. That’s why he met with the police department and planning department to get a better understanding.

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“The way our ordinance is is that each operator is supposed to have a security plan so I wanted clarity on that,” he said.

Warren said he voted to move forward with the project because several steps have been taken to ensure safety, such as lighting outside the building, security cameras, and 24/armed security.

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“My understanding now is that this will be one of the more secured or most secured facility in our region,” Warren said.

Still more residents like Joss say they’d like to see more signs of that security once the business is up and running.

“More security guards. I see they only have one and they need to have plenty,” said Anthony Martinez.

“I assume they would build a facility in such a way that it would be hard to even begin to breach their security,” Lucio said.

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The owner told CBS13 that the plan is to open in a couple of months, but it will take some time before all the businesses expected to set up shop there are operating.