MODESTO (CBS13) – The organizers of Downtown Modesto’s Rockin’ Holidays display are determined not to let the Grinch ruin Christmas.

Sometime between Sunday and Monday afternoon, organizers say someone broke the locks off of an equipment box at Tenth Street Place and stole a laptop.

The computer controlled the lights on the giant tree, as well as the synchronized music and snow machines as part of the free nightly show.

Thousands of hours went into programming the annual display, which is now in its fifth season.

Organizers say they are determined to get their equipment back.

“This is a team effort and this is our community and it just blows your mind that people have that Grinch attitude to want to tear stuff apart,” said Rockin’ Holiday organizer Chris Murphy.

The Modesto View and Sierra Pacific Warehouse Group are now working with Modesto police to see if surveillance cameras captured any suspects on camera.

A reward is being offered to get the equipment back.