By Angela Greenwood

NORTH HIGHLANDS (CBS13) — Nails are causing some major tragic hazards in some North Highlands neighborhoods, as dozens of people reported flat tires in just the last few weeks.

“This is a constant issue. It’s happened to three tires. In the last month, I’ve had to replace three tires,” said North Highlands resident Shalyse Salley.

Salley says she recently had three flat tires in one month.  All of them were pierced with nails and had to be replaced.

“It was a mess,” she said.

It was also an unexpected expense during an already expensive time.

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“Finances, it’s tight you know and the holiday season we’re trying to get our stuff together. No one wants to spend $50-60 on tires three times a month,” said Salley.

She is just one of the dozens of drivers in North Highlands reporting multiple flat tires in the last few weeks. All of them are found with nails, big and small, inside.

“We don’t have any construction going on in the area, so it’s kind of like what’s going on?” Salley said.

It’s a question many are asking. The problem areas appear to be in a one-mile radius of town east of Watt Avenue and west of Walerga Road.

“You can’t really look out for nails while you’re driving down a road.”

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A similar situation popped up in Orangevale recently, where hundreds of nails found weekly scattered across neighborhoods.  Residents say the nails are not just damaging tires, but wasting time.

Salley said, “It’s not just money. Sometimes it’s just calling out, I’m calling out late for work.”

Both CHP and the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department say they haven’t had any recent reports of the problem.

“It’s definitely is very frustrating especially if you have somewhere to go at 8 o’clock in the morning, you’re trying to drop your kid off,” Shelley said.

Wherever the nails are coming from, drivers want them gone.

“We need this taken care of,” said Shelley.

County officials say it is possible to send out a street sweeper to clean up any nails on the roads, but residents first need to call 311 and law enforcement and make officials reports.


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