SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A series of theft cases targeting women has prompted the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department Detectives to ask the public’s help in identifying a suspect or suspects.

Detectives said the suspect(s) approach victims inside grocery stores and ask for help with finding ingredients for a recipe. The suspect then reportedly explains she is working for an elderly client and wants to surprise the client with a specific meal.

Victims said the suspect is very friendly to victims and spends considerable time with the victims before stealing their wallet. The suspect allegedly waits until the victim is distracted, then takes their wallet from their purse.

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The suspect then uses stolen credit cards at nearby stores, making purchases before the victim notices her wallet is missing.

In both cases, the suspects have targeted women, and in at least two instances, detectives say the women were elderly.

So far, there have been seven victims between Dec. 7 and Dec. 14.

Detectives are asking anyone who believes they may have recently been a victim of this crime series, to please contact the Sheriff’s Department Property Crimes Bureau at (916) 876-5733.


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