SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Many shoppers at Arden Fair mall experienced terrifying moments after hundreds of teens stormed the mall causing fights and leaving some people badly injured.

The series of brawls happened within the last few days.  Mayor Darrell Steinberg is now recommending a ban on all unaccompanied minors as a temporary solution.

The fights forced stores to close early and shoppers to rethink how they do business.

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Denise, a Sacramento shopper who did not want to be identified, stopped by the Arden Fair Mall this weekend to redeem a gift certificate, but was met with chaos and fear.

“Oh my God. Terror. Incident at Macy’s,” she screamed over a video recorded on her smartphone.

Denise was in the shoe department talking with a sales clerk when a huge swarm of teenagers came running in the store.  She took shelter inside a stockroom thinking there was an active shooter at the mall.

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“They were screaming, yelling. They look like they were running in fear of their lives and what I heard was kill or killed and then the sales clerk and I looked as we were trying to process it and then we realized once everyone else just scattered,” she said.

Mall officials say the commotion was caused by several fights that were allegedly organized through social media, an incident Sacramento mayor Darrell Steinberg calls “unacceptable” and over Twitter suggesting “people under the age of 18 be accompanied by a parent or guardian when visiting the mall.”

“Well, that’s absurd. I mean, first of all. It will not happen,” said attorney Jeff Kravitz.

Kravitz said being at the mall in California is equivalent to walking on the street. Certain stores can create policies similar to the mayor’s suggestion but putting a temporary ban on the entire mall might be difficult.

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“From what I understand there wasn’t any actual criminal activity taking place. If there was I’m assuming somebody might get arrested and let me tell you, I hope they are not prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law because I don’t think kids on break who might act unruly should have their lives ruined by criminal prosecution,” he said.

A two-year-old boy suffered a broken leg and Denise injured her shoulder as people ran out of the mall. Both families are urging the mayor and the mall to make changes including having extra security on the property.

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  1. Eileen Kephart-Maxey says:

    How do you spell clueless? D-a-r-r-e-l-l- S-t-e-i-n-b-e-r-g. We’re talking a broken leg and an injured shoulder, and you don’t want “kids on break…acting unruly” to have their lives ruined by a criminal prosecution? This was a social media-organized riot, the 2nd one within a week, and you want to coddle these thugs? Not a good decision.

    1. Jack Peiffer says:

      Eileen; Well said! Another example of the mindless and foolish political babble from another sad and failed politician! Let’s remember that during the term of this ‘mayor’ in his leadership role of our failed and corrupt senate there were nearly 100 reports of sexual and abusive harassment, there was a Sergeant at Arms group rife with drugs and nepotism, there was a convicted felon kept on the payroll, and two others who were indicted, and kept on the payroll. Add to that the entire California legislature demonstrated nothing but failure, incompetence and a total lack of integrity! Remember these were the people that helped make this a ‘sanctuary state;, that brought California’s education level to the lowest in the nation, the poverty rate to the highest, the homeless to the greatest number! The taxes to the most onerous and this once successful state to an example of failure and incompetence! But now we expect this ‘mayor’s proclamations to solve the ‘thug’ problem at a highly visible and once successful mall? Get real people!

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