By Steve Large

COLUSA COUNTY (CBS13) – Governor Brown has picked his next home in the rolling hills of rural Colusa County. It’s a big change ahead for the governor as he fades from public life.

Governor brown moved into the historic governor’s mansion in 2016, but on Monday, as he entered private life again. There are no more city streets outside his windows. Instead, he’ll have a very different view. Cow pastures will replace the hustle and bustle of Sacramento.

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Brown’s newly-built Colusa County home is named Mountain House 3 after his great-grandfather’s home on the same land. The homes is over 2,000 square feet and, of course, has solar panels.

The governor made frequent trips to the property in recent years, preparing for full-time use.

“We usually meet him on the road; he’s in a ranger with his dog and Anne,” said Deanna Jarrett, rancher and Brown’s new neighbor. “It will be interesting.”

Politically, Colusa County has not loved the politician Jerry Brown. He did not carry the county in any of his four campaigns for governor. Yet he has professed his love for the county through pictures.

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Jarrett says families that work this land for livelihood do not want Brown to try turning it into a nature preserve.

“This is a lot of people’s livelihood; the ranching and the farming that goes along with this,” she said. “It’s not just loving nature, it also has to support the families that surround here.”

Governor Brown, welcome to the neighborhood.