SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Another threat of a teenage takeover has security and customers on high alert after several fights at Arden Fair Mall.

“I was shocked because I thought all that had passed,” said Sandra Woods while visiting the mall.

Two brawls in three days sent workers and shoppers running, including a toddler breaking his leg just trying to get away.

Just days later, Friday, the post was circulating on social media for a massive meet up at Arden Fair once again.

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New video showed the chaos as hundreds of teens began fighting and swarming stores and parking lots.

“Pretty sad because you have to think about where you gonna go shopping now,” said Maria Edmonds of Sacramento.

She had to think twice before even stepping in just days after the attacks.

“Innocent people do get hurt and that’s a little disheartening,” she said.

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The mall melees so unsettling its prompted the city to organize youth events.

Teens we spoke with at the mall say it’s a shame others are ruining nights out for them.

“I think it’s not good and it should stop and I think people should just come to the mall to spend money,” DJ Barker, a senior in high school.

And the chaos is especially bad for businesses that are being negatively affected.

“You don’t see any of those kids at the mall right now, but people are scared and that’s what I think,” said Hamed Hifezy, a worker Cellarairis mobile accessories.

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The local Guardian Angels volunteers even stepped in tonight to make sure the teenage threat wasn’t followed through.

“We are here for the safety of the community,” Eliazar Aguilar, NorCal Chapter Commander of Guardian Angels.

The mall had several security guards and even Sacramento Police officers patrolling just in case.

  1. Eileen Kephart-Maxey says:

    I remember two different instances since the early 1980’s, each lasting several years, when Arden Fair Mall was like a ghost town due to: The first time: A crumbling mall infrastructure, and The second time: A bad economy. The mall is about to become a ghost town for good now, due to the brawls incited by viral social media posts. The thugs involved in these melees aren’t interested in “pop-up events” or other tame and lame stopgap alternatives. What a shame.

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