SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A dog that had been abused for most of its young life is now looking for a forever home.

Front Street Animal Shelter says “Nindi” was found in terrible conditions at an area home. Nindi’s owner had apparently chained her up, leaving her emaciated and with an untreated fractured leg.

Shelter officials say the owner would also allegedly throw M-80 firecrackers at Nindi to make her submissive.

The owner has since been convicted of felony animal cruelty.

Nindi, now a year and four months old, has received thousands of dollars in medical care and has also been through rehabilitation for most of the past year to overcome her fears.

The shelter says Nindi is well on her way to becoming a more confident dog, but will still need an owner with a lot of patience and empathy.

Anyone interested in adopting Nindi is asked to email the shelter at



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