FAIRFIELD (CBS13) — Six people are recovering Monday night after a man opened fire inside a small shopping center where a group was filming a rap video. Police said four of the victims suffered gunshot wounds, two which were shot in the head.

The shooting happened inside the Platinum Fadez Barbershop in Fairfield. Police said the business was closed as a private party began filming a music video.

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“It’s pretty crazy and really frightening because this restaurant was open at that time,” said Chasitee Butler who lives in Fairfield.

Investigators said an individual dressed in a dark hoody who was wearing a mask walked into the shop just as a rap video was being filmed.  The person opened fire with a handgun.

“It’s scary, pretty scary,” she said.

A total of four people were shot – two in the back and two in the head.  Police said two other victims suffered minor injuries as they ran for cover.

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“I don’t know if we’ve had a lot of success interviewing most of the participants in that and how cooperative they are. We have a vague description based on some partial video that we may have from city systems,” said Greg Hurlbut with the Fairfield Police Department

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Police said multiple people inside the shop fired back at the suspect, who has not been identified. Investigators say there are no signs the suspect suffered injuries during the shooting.

“I don’t think it was just a random act. I think there is probably some kind of connection that people are not willing to share,” said Hurlbut.

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Six firearms were recovered at the scene. Detectives also arrested a man who was inside the barbershop for illegal possession of a firearm.

For now, officers are relying on nearby surveillance cameras to help in the investigation.

“We’re left with whatever physical evidence there is there to hope that is going to lead us to the identity of someone,” Hurlbut said.

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Four of the victims were treated at local hospitals and released. Police said two of the people shot in the head remain in intensive care.