SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A CHP officer went above and beyond Monday, helping deliver a baby off of Highway 99.

The California Highway Patrol said Officer Jeff Llyod was finishing a traffic stop on the Fruitridge Road off-ramp of Highway 99 when a gray SUV stopped behind him. The passenger in the SUV said she was in labor and about to give birth.

Officer Lloyd then gathered medical equipment from his vehicle and told dispatch about the situation. Shortly after, the mother delivered the baby with assistance from Officer Lloyd.


(credit: CHP)

The officer said he was shocked by the situation but did his best to call upon his previous training to help the mother. When he went back to help her get comfortable he said he helped recline her as best as possible and moved a couple of her other children into the far back row of the SUV along with a car seat.

“It was pretty incredible and very fast,” Lloyd said. “After the baby came out it was an eerie silence, everyone was in shock. The umbilical cord was around the baby’s neck, I unwrapped it, and the baby starting crying.”

Llyod then ensured that both mother and child were in stable condition. He stayed with the family until firefighter medics arrived on the scene.

The mother and newborn baby girl were taken to a local hospital. Both are doing well and resting at the hospital.

“I was just glad I was able to be there, and give them some sense of comfort,” Lloyd said.

Officer Lloyd said he has three children of his own but had not experienced anything like this, especially not in an SUV.


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