MODESTO (CBS13) — The brother of the police officer shot and killed in Newman wants lawmakers to do the right thing to help keep our southern border safe.

The murder of Officer Ronil Singh was mentioned during President Donald Trump’s address to the nation as the fight over national security and the wall continues.

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The Singh family didn’t know President Trump was going to mention their devastating loss during his speech, but say they are glad he did, focusing, they say, on a problem impacting many communities.

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Reggie Singh and his brother Ronil were just teenagers when they migrated to the U.S. All they ever wanted was to have a better life.

“There is opportunity in this country, that’s why we came here. You could do more, you know, do things the right way,” said Reggie Singh.

The brothers became U.S. citizens and eventually settled in Stanislaus County. They have homes near each other and successful careers. Two weeks ago, their world came crashing down.

“He got hurt and he did not make it and I fainted,” he said.

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Corporal Ronil Singh was gunned down during a traffic stop.  The man accused of the murder, Gustavo Arriaga, is reportedly in this country illegally and has prior arrests. During his speech to the nation, President Donald Trump said Singh’s life was stolen by someone who had no right to be in the country.

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“How much more American blood must we shed before congress does its job?” said Trump.

The President has been using Singh’s murder to pressure Democrats and convince Americans that funding for a border wall is needed. Prior to his address, the president called the family.

“The president has been following on my brother’s case on a daily basis and he’s been really impressed on how my brother did things the right way. He was fighting for the country, helping the community out. He was very impressed and offered to my sister-in-law if she needs any help, he’s a phone call away,” he said.

California is a sanctuary state which limits how much local law enforcement can cooperate with federal authorities to enforce immigration law.  Singh said if those restrictions were not in place his brother’s death could have been prevented.

“The rules for some people are to be followed, but to some it’s to be broken and my brother ended up being the victim and he lost his life,” he said.

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Reggie Singh said when his five-month-old nephew gets older he plans to share how incredible of a police officer his father was and the impact he had in the community.