MODESTO (CBS13) – The debate over national security hit close to home once again after President Donald Trump mentioned Newman police Corporal Ronil Singh’s death, allegedly at the hand of a man investigators say was in the country illegally. Pres. Trump is urging lawmakers to address what he called a “crisis” at the US-Mexico border.

Cpl. Singh’s brother, Reggie Singh, sat down with CBS13 on Wednesday. He fought back tears as we spoke about the loss that has captured national attention.

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“Anything we have to do to put a stop to this, we are up for it,” Reggie said.

Reggie Singh

Cpl. Singh was gunned down during a traffic stop the day after Christmas.

In his address to the nation, Pre. Trump said Singh’s life was stolen by someone who had no right to be in the country – referring to suspect Gustavo Arriaga.

“A young police officer was savagely murdered in cold blood by an illegal alien,” Trump said.

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Trump has been using Cpl. Singh’s murder to pressure Congressional Democrats and convince the American public that funding for a border wall is needed.

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Reggie said Trump, when he called and talked with his sister-in-law, relayed he was following the case on a daily basis.

While Reggie said the family wants to stay out of the politics Cpl. Singh’s killing, he said they support whatever will stop something like this from happening again.

“Border security, immigration law needs to be tighter,” Reggie said. “If the wall is the answer, then be it.”

Reggie said part of the reason he and his brother immigrated to the US was so Ronil could become a law enforcement officer. The two immigrated legally in 2003.

“He did things the right way,” Reggie said.

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VIDEO: Extended Interview With Reggie Singh