By Carlos Correa

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Many drivers are on alert as dense fog continues to blanket our region. Police say the low visibility has already caused a number of crashes – and the fog isn’t letting up. Conditions are expected to remain the same into Friday.

The thick fog made it difficult for many people as they made their way to work and school. Right now, police are urging drivers on busy roadways to slow down.

Heavy fog around the region is keeping both law enforcement and towing companies extremely busy with one crash after another.

“It just basically stretches us thinner,“ said Matt Kellogg of College Oak Towing.

He monitors weather conditions very closely – and has assigned extra staff to deal with all the crashes.

“What we see that causes more wrecks probably anything else is people following too closely, all vehicles, whether it’s a small passenger car or a commercial vehicle and of course speed as well,” Kellogg said.

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Investigators with the California Highway Patrol said the low visibility caused by the fog is to blame for a multi-vehicle crash on Highway 99 near Power line. It left vehicles badly damaged and a handful of people shaken up.

“Your reaction time, your breaking time, the road is wet, you’re going to slide right into people that are stopped in front of you,” said Todd Birmingham, California Highway Patrol

The CHP is urging drivers to slow down. They are also reminding people their headlights should be on, even during the day.

“It’s not that bad but it’s still foggy,” said a Sacramento driver.

Although some drivers don’t mind the fog, others do. One woman said she came to work early just to avoid any problems on the road.

“I just took it a little bit slower, I think that is what you need to do to make sure it’s safe,” she said.

Police in Folsom are investigating a death near the area of Parkshore.

Officers say an individual was hit by a car.  They are determining if it was weather-related


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