WAUSAU, WI (CBS13) — It’s a beauty pageant for Wausau, Wisconsin women 75 years and older.

“Let’s turn the head just a little bit one more time.”

On Wednesday, there was a photo shoot for some Wausau VIPs.

“Today we are doing a photo shoot for the Wausau Area Silver Pageant. A new program here in Wausau,” said Theresa Haase, Community Relations for Mountain Terrace Senior Living.

The Silver Pageant is held for women that are 75 or older, women like Ann Jaecks, who appreciates her time preparing for the pageant.

“It’s been exciting because it has pushed me to do more reflection of who I am,” said Ann.

But for some, the limelight is a bit out of their comfort zone.

Therese Haase added, “The ladies are very humble, and they don’t feel deserving of being honored and recognized in the pageant. That makes them even more deserving.”

Nonetheless, Ann Jaecks is enjoying the moment. “It’s sort of like taking you back to when we ran in for the first picture when you were graduating from high school, it surpasses that,” she said.

And as excited as she is for the pageant for Jaecks it’s more about the people that will be with her for the event.

“I just can’t imagine that whole day, and to have my son come over and escort me. It’s fantastic,” she added.

And the event organizers want as many people as the venue can hold to attend.

“The auditorium holds 800 people, and I need to to be full because they deserve it,” said Therese Haase.