By Lemor Abrams

DAVIS (CBS13) — As the Davis community tries to come to terms with the horrific loss of Officer Natalie Corona, David Grundler is still recounting how it all went down.

Grundler’s a Boy Scout leader. He was inside the church with his scouts, located just feet away from the shooting. They quickly sheltered in place, along with the rest of the city.

“The happened on the street right out here and we were meeting in this building right here to my right,” he said. “We were doing a Native American dance and drum and it was loud but [we] unmistakably heard gunfire. Sounded like 15 shots.”

Noah Skelly said the 15 shots did not come all at once.

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“I heard five or six. I heard not as repetitive, just like …ttt … ttt… ttt,” Skelly recalled.

Skelly was riding home from school when he witnessed the incident. First, there was a loud crash, three cars colliding on the corner of 5th and D Street.

“And I just saw cop lights and a fire truck,” he said.

Police say that’s when Officer Corona responded to the scene. Within minutes, a man shot her and took off. Teams of SWAT officers in tactical gear scoured the scene looking for any sign of the shooter.

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He was later found in a home just down the street from where he shot Corona. That’s where police say he shot himself.

Friday evening a black, white, and blue American flag stood at the scene with the community.

“It’s just a huge tragedy for a small tight-knit community… It’s just I’m tired of senseless gun violence,” Christy Sillman of West Sacramento.

There was a steady stream of mourners visiting the memorial, paying their respects and leaving flowers and balloons Friday. On the sidewalk where Corona was shot, an artist drew a cross with a blue star saying it symbolizes her young life as a “rising star.”


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