By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Wednesday’s massive storm had rivers rising all around our area. In Sacramento County, the surge of water swept away toxic waste from homeless camps and sent it all downstream.

One section of Steelhead Creek, hit hard by toxic debris from homeless camps, grabbed the attention of geologist Roland Brady.

One day after the storm, Brady came out to see the aftermath.

“I wouldn’t drink it,” Brady said. “I would never drink it. What you’ll see are places that look like a solid waste disposal site, with a creek flowing through it.”

The storm is now sending all that waste through the delta and out to sea.

“And that’s what really frustrates me, is that there’s very good control over just about everything else, but here it just happens in an enormous volume, every time it rains,” Brady said.

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Brady is a volunteer steward of a mile long section of Steelhead Creek, where homeless camps have created massive piles of waste and debris.

Photos show the mess along his section of the creek in December, ahead of the largest ever clean up in the creek’s history. Crews removed 100,000 pounds of homeless camp debris

“What we didn’t get, is in the water,” Brady said. “What we did get, is not in the water.”

Sacramento County approved $5 million in increased funds to clean up areas along the American River Parkway last year.

Brady says on Steelhead Creek, east of the El Camino bridge, no agency is claiming responsibility for cleaning as of now.

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“For the first time, they’re working on it, and that’s my tentative optimism,” Brady said.

Sacramento County’s homeless crisis created a discharge disaster following the storm.

“And I understand the necessity to have some place to go,” Brady said, “the sad thing is that the environment is taking the beating.”

The state has a meeting with the Regional Water Quality Control board next month, on this very issue.

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  1. Michael P. Clifford says:

    Good, Californians deserve. So good for the environment.

  2. Jerry Walton says:

    Wow. Piles of human waste washed into rivers is toxic. Who would have thought. SMH

    1. Imagine all of the poop washing into the bay from the streets of San FranFreakShow, Gov. Newsom’s poop hole by the bay. Sadly he’ll do the same to the rest of the state.

  3. Dan Young says:

    It should be illegal to litter and produce piles of garbage for others to have to pick up. Democrats sure have ruined California.

  4. Mark Smith says:

    That’s what happens when a sh*t hole floods.

  5. sorry californians, its far more important to get those illegals in and get them healthcare than to take care of the growing homeless problem.

  6. Bob van der Upwich says:

    How come homeless are allowed to commit enviro crimes and authorities do nothing?

  7. Bill Hahn says:

    “… the environment is taking the beating.” No, people are taking the beating.

  8. Sandy Johnson says:

    Liberal acceptance and advocacy for vagrancy is coming home to roost.

  9. Steven Soleri says:

    The only answer to the homeless situatioin is some serious TOUGH love. The “no judgement” democrats are destroying not only our way of life but our environment.

  10. Richard Vert says:

    When I was growing up in Seattle during the 60’s & 70’s if you were poor you lived in the projects . Now if you’re poor , you live on the street . There are no more projects . Greedy politicians tore them all down and let out of state developers have their way with the land . We always hear how Democrats are the party that cares about the people (lie) . I have to wonder why then do Democrat controlled regions suffer the highest levels of homelessness in America . I suspect it’s because the Democratic party is actually the party of organized crime .

    1. Dan Purcell says:

      Seattle like Portland has been California-ized…fewer people remember when life used to be fun for for average people.

  11. Robert Suyak says:

    This is just a reflection of democrats who run Ca, so many goofy mfers. I am glad I moved long ago.

  12. I want you to imagine a scenario. A REPUBLICAN governor or mayor from a rural state, say Idaho, allows thousands of pounds of toxic waste to wash into a river that leads to a state like California.

    How would the media report on such a story?

    What would democrats say about such an elected official?

    Makes you think.

  13. Otto VonSchlingen says:

    Eventually, when the villagers grow weary of bogus government, there will be a surge of local sales for torches and pitchforks, and maybe flamethrowers.

  14. James Scott Taylor says:

    If it rains enough in Kaulifornia, a ten-mile stretch of the adjacent Pacific Ocean will be destroyed.

  15. California, “The Golden State” is now just another sh!t hole…

  16. Bubba Kowaski says:

    California, hopefully will allow the rest of the country see what it is really like to live in a socialist workers paradise, so that we can avoid this kind of disaster. Yaw’ll are doing for America what the ol Soviet Union did for Europe. Keep up the good work, keep voting for parasitic democrats, showing the rest of us what will happen. I remember coming through San Fran cisco when I came home from Vietnam and I knew then California was fini. Carry on for the good of the country, showing us socialism don’t work.

  17. Dan Purcell says:

    Don’t be fooled…that toxic discharge is coming from Excremento’s state capital building when in session

  18. Aren’t the homeless actually living the sort of low-carbon footprint “primitive” lifestyle that the global elite want for us all? They don’t drive; they don’t have air conditioners. I thought “primitivism” was good for the environment? Turns out, it’s much worse.

  19. Charles Martel says:

    Yet another showing example of the failed Marxist policies of California’s Left. Sadly, many are fleeing to Texas and other rational states, causing them to turn “purple” or worse “blue.”

  20. The path to the left’s nirvana is lined with human excrement, misery, poverty and death. .

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