NEWMAN (CBS13) — An incredible show of support for slain police officer Ronil Singh.

233 riders and their horses attended an honor ride for Corporal Singh.

ALSO: Procession Held To Honor Slain Newman Police Officer Ronil Singh

The group rode through the town of Newman.

Riders took their hats off in honor of Singh as they passed the crime scene.

Organizers say they are planning a similar ride for Davis police officer Natalie Corona.


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  1. I don’t believe in murder, but … when people take a sworn oath to protect the people and then go and either abuse them or kill them… and then 9 out of 10 times walk; …. how can i not feel a bit angry at this? no he shouldn’t have died… but there are thousands of innocents who shouldn’t have either; and there was no cops marching in their memory; from elderly to children and in between. . .
    I wish his family comfort and love, but I am sorry, until police apply their ‘vows’ to serve and protect 2 everyone, … I dunno why this is any more important than the innocents killed or not killed but brutalized….. and no i am not here to argue, i will not be checking back so send hate comments lol … i have said nothing wrong, nor have i even insulted him. as noted, he should not have been killed. but the reaction over 1 death vs so many more -innocents at that-and i am speaking just in 1 year alone, as well as long before it ever went on national tv as i’ve been fighting police brutality for almost 18 years on a national level… it baffles me they get this, and children get labeled thugs. smh; where are the good ones at? … oh yes… they get fired…. which reminds me of an update I need to write on a former case.
    may he be at peace now; and may all of the true victims taken by those who should have been protecting them, may they too all be at peace on their new found journey.

  2. gingerroels says:

    Many officers do actually take there vows seriously and go well out of there way. I see, regularly, officers buying lunch for the homeless and hanging with them while they eat. I see them constantly live in fear because there are plenty who ambush them simply because they are officers.

    Yes, there are some who are on the corrupt side and it breaks my heart that they give those who genuinely care a bad name. Unfortunately, the good ones usually get killed because of the corrupt.

    While I get your frustration and many others as well I believe bringing this up on a post, unless of course the officer was within those who are, without cause, killing, is very disrespectful.

    No, you did not disrespect him specifically. I liken it to those who attend a soldiers funeral who died protecting a nation simply to slander the military and push forward there anti-war agenda.

    A family, immediate and military families of the the deceased, are mourning the loss of a person and its not the time to push forward an agenda.

    You do not see police at funerals of those who ambush them simply because they wear a uniform or to my knowledge posting on their funeral announcements or processions.

    I say we show respect on both sides and bring these types of things up outside of venues like this.

    Just an opinion, a perspective. Lets be respectful. All the well wishing and disclaimers written don’t help those mourning one they love who has died, despite his chosen profession. There are corrupt teachers and amazing teachers, there are great presidents and very self serving presidents, there are amazing doctors and doctors with a god complex, there are absolutely amazing pastors and those who are extremely corrupt. The corrupt are always well know. I can give a million example of all profession.. Any profession has two sides, however, both sides are not as widely publicized as ambushed officers, amazing officers and most publicized corrupt officers. Just as there are amazing civilians, civilians all all races who are ambushed or killed because of there race by other civilians of the same race or other race, and those who are corrupt and out to kill. I try to focus on the amazing civilians who do good as I do with all professions as well.

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