SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Candles, balloons, and flowers now mark the scene as 30-year-old Niema Cameron is mourned by family and friends.

“She wasn’t an animal. She was a human. She had family. She had friends. She had people that loved her. We love her still,” said Cameron’s sister, Kevisha Williams.

Cameron was walking on Folsom Boulevard near 46th street when police say she was struck and killed by a hit and run driver around 4 o’clock Friday morning. Her body found some two hours later.

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Police recovered the car left abandon blocks away, but no driver, leaving the family seeking justice.

“And whoever it was, I hope they get caught and are prosecuted for this because that’s murder. You didn’t have no remorse. You didn’t say sorry. You’re not saying sorry. You just left,” Williams said.

The family says Cameron was battling mental health issues.

“She suffered from psychotic schizophrenia, but that’s not who she was,” Williams said.

Cameron was homeless for a time but the family says that didn’t define her, as to them, she meant so much more.

“She was not just a homeless person. She was a daughter, a sister, a friend, a cousin, an aunt,” said Williams’ mother, Tracy Hills.

Cameron was known in east Sacramento as she often walked the neighborhood. Resident, Christine Chapman, would let her sleep on her back deck from time to time to escape the cold. And it was Chapman who discovered her body Friday and called 911.

“It’s just sad that this happened. It doesn’t matter what your station in life is,” Chapman said.

Williams says she’s forever grateful.

“Thank you,” she said referring to Chapman. “For looking out for her when we couldn’t. The love and appreciation will be there forever,” Williams said.

The family has established a GoFundMe account. You can donate here:


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