SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg announced Monday a new budget request to create “Teen Tech Hubs” and “Teen Hubs” to hold weekly events at 10 locations.

The mayor requested $350,000 to create the hubs and hold the events every Friday night into June. In a press release from the mayor’s office, they announced Comcast will be investing $300,000 in the program, $100,000 for the Teen Hubs and $200,000 to the Teen Tech Hubs. The telecommunications company will be partnering with community-based organizations to offer interactive technology experiences and training for teens.

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This proposal for events comes after the Mayor hosted Youth Pop-Up Events earlier this month after two brawls broke out at Arden Fair Mall.

The pop-up events were sponsored by the Sierra Health Foundation after hundreds of teenage kids on break from school broke out into brawls at the mall, forcing stores to close early during peak holiday hours.

The mayor’s office said the 14 events held the weekend of Jan. 4 drew in around 1,400 teens with a $30,000 grant from the Sierra Health Foundation.

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If approved, Steinberg’s office said the events will run through June, by then Steinberg hopes to have more permanent funding in the city’s annual budget. He also said the City and Comcast will work with the Sierra Health Foundation to program the events.

“These weekend events should be the norm, not the exception to the rule,” Mayor Steinberg said.

Steinberg said the 10 hubs will be distributed throughout the city and close to public transit to “ensure that as many teens as possible, especially those in the most underserved communities, have access to positive alternatives.”

John Gauder, Regional Vice President of Comcast California, said Comcast will focus its contribution on digital literacy training including coding and programming for the teens.

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The city did not specify exactly what activities would be offered at the weekly Friday night events. The pop-up events earlier this month featured roller skating, basketball, a mobile barber shop/beautician, DJs, a photo booth, movies, ping pong, and a talent show.