SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Activist Erin Brockovich joined wildfire survivors to protest PG&E’s plan to file for bankruptcy.

“I am here for these victims to make sure they are made whole again,” Brockovich said in a speech on the south steps of the State Capitol early Tuesday afternoon.

Brockovich rose to prominence after her investigation into groundwater contamination in the small California town of Hinkley resulted in PG&E settling a class-action lawsuit for $333 million.

“As you might be aware, PG&E and I have bumped into each other numerous times over the course of the past 28 years,” Brockovich said.

Back on Jan. 14, she tweeted in support of victims after news broke that PG&E was planning to file for bankruptcy under the weight of wildfire liabilities.

“People are dead and it could have been prevented. There needs to be a criminal investigation. Nothing will change till the people who make decisions are held accountable and know they will be held accountable,” Brockovich wrote.

Tuesday, she reiterated that PG&E should be held accountable and be prevented from filing for bankruptcy.

“We should all be beyond frustrated,” Brockovich said.


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