SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Hours after the Mayor of Sacramento Darrell Steinberg apologized for police removing homeless people outside of City Hall, officers were back out doing it again.

A video shows Sacramento police telling about 15 people to leave city hall property around 2 a.m. Wednesday morning. Officers were enforcing a city ordinance that prohibits anyone from being at City Hall after 11 p.m. until 7 a.m.

Steinberg says it’s a mistake and wants the policy to be changed. He apologized Tuesday evening about a separate event when officers told homeless people to leave City Hall during a heavy rainstorm.

In an interview with the Sacramento Bee Thursday, Steinberg said he does not want people kicked off the property in general.

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  1. Judy Cordill says:

    Do something with the homeless PROVIDE for them instead of wasting on that damn money on that losing baskeball team Sacramento loves so much!

    1. Jack Peiffer says:

      Well said! Thanks!

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