Rachel Wulff Reporting

MARYSVILLE (CBS13) — Something is afoul at Ellis Lake. Residents are reporting injured ducks and geese and are frustrated with the response they are getting from officials.

This serene setting is great for humans and animals alike but caring for the birds when injured has some at a loss.

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“I feel sorry for them,” said Lorraine Head.

Head and her friend Jim love to fish at Ellis lake but hate what they see when they are there.

“I saw one duck with an arrow through it. I have seen one duck with a hook in its mouth and others with fishing line wrapped around their feet,“ she said.

Jim added, “There’s three out here that look like pirates, they got a peg leg.”

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While CBS13 was at the lake Friday, we saw a duck unable to eat because its bill was broken.

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The city of Marysville says Ellis Lake is a detention pond for stormwater runoff and recent rains have been bringing in predators like river otters. But humans have also left their mark.

“I saw one guy run over a goose and I called fish and game and they couldn’t do anything about it, so I took it to the vet,” said one resident.

The city does not have an animal shelter so it’s been referring residents with injured birds to outside organizations specializing In waterfowl.

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“What they told us is they don’t take in waterfowl that’s migratory so what we did is put in a call to the Wildlife Care Association,” said Jim Bermudez, the Community Development and Services Director.

Good news for those who love the lake and the wildlife that enjoys it too.

“Kids love feeding them. I hope we can find a way to help them,” said Lorraine Head.

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The city said it will be connecting with the Wildlife Care Assoc and possibly putting out signs with a number so residents know who to call to find help for the injured birds.