NORTH SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A police chase ended in a crash into four neighbors’ cars early Friday morning.

The suspect, 35-year-old Michael Kennedy, is in custody, but neighbors are still shaken up. Their cars, which were hit one by one like dominos, are now wrecked.

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The chase began when police say they saw the suspect driving recklessly and ended near Arcade Boulevard and Branch Street. The suspect’s vehicle smashed into four cars including one Stephanie Marino affectionately named “Betsy.”

“This is my baby,” Marino said. “All I have is my kids and my car.”

Marino is the single mother of two young children, Emma and Tavin, and is pregnant with her third. Her car was a gift from her grandfather who recently died. She doesn’t know how she’ll cope without it.

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“Not having a car, it’s hard to get around. It’s hard to get to doctors appointments. It’s hard to get her to school. She’s not even in school today because of this situation,” Marino said.

Neighbors are pitching in to help while the car owners figure out what to do next.

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The bumper of Bryan Whited’s car was knocked clear off. Paint from the suspect’s car covers the bumper and serves as a souvenir that will help him remember the suspect who caused so much heartbreak in such a short time.

“Thanks, dude. You cost all of us a hardship. Big hardship,” Whited said. “Kids gotta get to school. People gotta eat. You gotta go to work. That’s what you gotta do.”

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Like so many people, these neighbors are living paycheck to paycheck.

“I’m glad they caught him and he deserves what he gets. I’m probably going to be at his court dates to make sure to press charges,” Marino said.

Before she can press charges, Marino and all of those neighbors who did nothing to deserve this, are pressing on with their lives.

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Police say the driver, Kennedy, was taken to the hospital to be evaluated. The driver is facing several charges including grand theft, resisting arrest, assaulting a peace officer, vandalism, and evading police.