By Marc Thompson

NEWCASTLE (CBS13) — It all started at a Newcastle Denny’s around  2 o’clock Saturday morning when Placer County Sheriff’s officials say 25-year-old Christopher Kalian pepper sprayed his girlfriend and ran off into a nearby neighborhood.

Deputies were called to the scene and the chase was on.

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Shortly after, resident, Sharon Salvador hears a noise outside her window and wakes her boyfriend.

“So I holler at him, ‘Somebody’s outside trying to get in!” Salvador says.

Her boyfriend, Marshall Pittman, checks it out and comes face to face with the suspect hiding in some scaffolding out back.

“And I say, ‘Hey, what the hell are you doing up there. Get your ass down right now,’” Pittman said.

Pittman says the suspect answered strangely saying he was looking for antiques.

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“And then he raises his shirt saying, ‘I don’t have a gun or a knife, and says sorry, sorry, I apologize ‘“ Pittman said.

Pittman says the suspect then runs off,  now crossing the property where Joshua Hendrickson was staying. Friends say Hendrickson feared for his safety and had a shotgun.

“Josh yelled out to the gentleman, get off his property, get away, get away. Shot up into the air to fire off a warning shot,” said friend, Sara Bair.

Deputies say Hendrickson fired three shots and the suspect, Kalian, kept running.

They caught up to him at a nearby gas station,  but he didn’t surrender peacefully. Instead, officials say, he swung a golf club at deputies, who used a Taser and K-9 to finally bring Kalian down. Deputies circled back later and arrested Hendrickson for firing his gun.

Friends say a Hendrickson got a raw deal because he simply fired to protect his property and even went up to the Denny’s to speak with deputies after the incident. His mother says they’ve hired an attorney.

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Kalian faces charges for pepper spraying his girlfriend and resisting arrest. Sheriff’s officials say he has threatened to shoot deputies when he gets out of jail.