MODESTO (CBS13) – Parents are sharing the terrifying moments following a gun scare over the weekend at a winter formal at a Modesto high school.

“There are police officers with their guns drawn and I’m freaking out,” parent Tara Nelms Sumner says in one video.

In another video, students can be seen trying to get out of the gym at Enochs High School on Saturday to reunite with family.

“They’re making everybody go up against the wall,” Sumner says.

Many parents are praising Modesto police for their quick response after a student reported seeing someone who may have stolen a gun.

Turns out it was a false alarm, although police did arrest someone on unrelated charges.

Some parents on questioned why the school didn’t alert them. The school responded that its automatic dialing texting system did not work in this case, but say it will be fixed as soon as possible.


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