Rachel Wulff reporting

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Nazi war memorabilia has been removed from a Roseville antique store after a concerned citizen spoke out. It’s a case of history vs hate. In this case — the store decided to take action.

“It’s a crazy amount of treasures”

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Walk into Antique Trove in Roseville and it’s hard to focus. The antique store is 40,000 square feet and has 300 vendors.

(credit: Gold Country Media/Kathryn Palmer)

“We have clothing, dishes, military items,” said floor manager Mark Ventura.

Several vendors specialize in World War I and II memorabilia in the store.

For the last 20 years, one vendor has featured flags, badges, and helmets with the Nazi swastika, death head, and Nazi party insignia.

(credit: Gold Country Media/Kathryn Palmer)

After a couple of comments from shoppers, store management posted disclaimers about the display using the words “Never Forget,” a phrase used to describe the Holocaust. The store and vendor felt it important to keep the memory alive to prevent it from happening again, but a recent complaint prompted the removal of those items. The case is now empty.

(credit: Gold Country Media/Kathryn Palmer)

“The management felt we didn’t need those items in the store anymore and he politely removed them,“ said Ventura.

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The swastika provokes discussion.

(credit: Gold Country Media/Kathryn Palmer)

“Thousands of guys brought back items from Germany with memorabilia. Was it something to influence or push on someone? No. It’s a remembrance of what they went through,” said history buff Jim.

Several people we spoke with say the vendor has a right to sell the product.

(credit: Gold Country Media/Kathryn Palmer)

““The first thing I think when I see it, is probably hate, the second thing is history,” said business owner Eric McIntosh. “The way I look at it, he wants to do that, it’s his right, and customers will decide whether they come or not. He has a right to do what what he wants.”

The vendor who sold the Nazi items spoke with CBS13 over the phone.

(credit: Gold Country Media/Kathryn Palmer)

He said the display has never been front and center in the store. It always faced inside the booth and the flags were folded. He says he is not in the business of peddling hate, but respected the owner’s wishes.

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He will continue to sell the items elsewhere.