LODI (CBS13) — Experts are warning that the storms headed our way this weekend could bring down dozens of trees like the massive pine that smashed into a home nearly crushing a family inside.

“It was that really windy night, 60 mph winds and it just cracked, and you heard a boom, and then my house shook next door,” said Lauren Hart who lives next door.

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The whole street felt the 50-foot tall pine tree that came crashing down.

“I tried to jump off the chair to grab my daughter that was on the floor in front of me and I couldn’t make it, it was already through the roof,” said Robert Biegler.

His youngest daughter was in the next room.

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“She was trapped by one of the blades on the ceiling fan, so I reached in and broke it and got out of there,” he said.

They were able to escape with only bumps and bruises.

“It’s probably not the best time for trees right now,” said Steve Johnson who owns Elk Grove Tree service.

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He sees this all the time and fears it could get worse this weekend.

“In Elk Grove we had hundreds of trees fall. About a year and a half ago we had about a thousand trees that fell,” he said.

He believes the drought is in part to blame.

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“The trees themselves went a long time without water. Then when we started getting lots of water it was the worst combination because you have these trees dry on the inside, they are still so brittle, but then you have these big limbs and branches with leaves that fill up with water,” Johnson said.

Trees like that need to be trimmed way back, something Biegler was saving up for.

“I’ve been trying for six years to get it trimmed, but I don’t have $7000 to get it trimmed,” Biegler said.

An inspector said the house is beyond repair and most of their stuff is still trapped inside. Biegler says what matters is that they escaped that night and he’s just thankful his family is alive and he has insurance.

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The owner of the Elk Grove Tree service says if you have any doubt, get your tree inspected. The base of the trunk opposite the leaning side may feel squishy, that’s a big indicator the tree must go.