By Adrienne Moore

ELK GROVE (CBS13) — Can a friendship between a Rams fan and Patriots fan survive the Super Bowl?

Rob Tyson and Paul Fraga’s 20-year friendship was put to the test on Sunday.

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Tyson loves the Rams, while Fraga is a die-hard Patriots fan.

“It’s really about friendship at the end of the day, said Tyson. “It’s just a game.”

“We are good. Because his Rams haven’t been that good so he doesn’t have that much to cheer for, Fraga fired back. “So I’m letting him have his little glory.”

The two men met at Fraga’s Sacramento restaurant, Original Perry’s,  and bonded immediately over their love of football.

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“I would go in every week or so and we’d just talk about who was playing,” said Tyson. “We just always have a good time,” he added.

Fraga hosted his annual Super Bowl party at his Elk Grove home and things between the men went from cordial to competitive by half-time.

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“This guy’s got a head probably bigger than his own house,” screamed Tyson. “This is the beginning of a dynasty and the end of another.”

“Brady’s already been there like nine times. So,  win, lose or draw, he still the best player ever, Fraga pushed back. “I’m trying to be calm. But I just get real emotional.”

The only neutral ground?

A couple of friends who happen to be Seattle Seahawks fans, who made sure there were no fists flying between these NFL frenemies.

While Fraga is now celebrating a Patriots victory, both men say they feel like winners.

“The game is the game. We can’t control what happens, but at the end of the day, I love Paul and I love his family, Tyson said. “And we’re always good. Yeah, I’ve known Rob forever. We’re good,” added Fraga.

Tyson says he won’t be watching any post-game analysis and is looking forward to rooting on the Rams next year.

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Fraga says he’s going to enjoy the win in his special team room – a recent addition to his home where he proudly displays all of his Patriots gear.

Adrienne Moore