(CBS Local/CBS Miami)–As more states legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational use, some companies are now marketing cannabis products for your pets. However, experts caution the supplements are not necessarily a good fit for every animal.

Two and a half-year-old Kogi is very attached to his family and does not like it when they leave him all alone.

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“It’s worse when we both leave together,” explained Kelly Alto.

Alto says after researching online how to help Kogi’s severe separation anxiety, she and her fiancé decided to try hemp oil – a cannabis based supplement for pets.

“Before using it, we would be able to hear him like squealing and barking and jumping up and scratching on the door, and since using it we would be able to get down the hall and not hear him freaking out,” she said.


Several companies are now making pet products that use CBD, one of the active ingredients found in hemp and cannabis plants that can affect mood, health and bodily functions. The health claims include relieving pain, anxiety, and reducing seizures in epileptic animals.

The products do not contain THC, which gives marijuana psychoactive effects

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“An anecdotal story isn’t enough evidence to give it to a lot of animals,” according to holistic veterinarian Jonathan Salkind.

Salkind says he does not prescribe cannabis to his clients because he believes more research is needed on its effectiveness. He says pet owners should keep in mind the FDA has not approved these products for animals.

“As there’s more money in cannabis and marijuana I think we’ll get better studies which can really show us what the potential is, because there is potential, but it’s early,” he said.

Alto believes the effects for Kogi have been positive so far.

“The dose that we give him is two to three drops.

They believe it is a healthy way to help soothe their dog’s distress.

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CBD products from hemp, not marijuana, are legal in every state including Florida and most can be purchased online.